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And trust us: you’ll be shocked at what Forbidden Fruit Orchards, as they’re no ordinary organic farm, not like these other fantastic Cali organic farms out there. For starters, Sandra Newman, owner of the Orchards, expresses her passion in droves along with quality education in agricultural studies, and after 200 some tea plants, Pakistani mulberries, currants, kiwis and avocados, let’s just say there’s more to Forbidden Fruit than what meets the eye.

Getting More Into the Seeds of the Forbidden Fruit

The Orchards loves the farm and the market, complete with produce that’s truly and wholly organic. But their products isn’t just fruit.Forbidden Fruit Orchards No, no…. There’s more to Forbidden Fruit than you think:

  • They Make Honey, Too — Bottled honey, actually. So you’re looking at honeys of the organic kind, which right off the bat ups the ante as far as health is concerned. After all, honey’s healthy already. Now you’ve got more of that health. Organic health.
  • Don’t Forget Syrup and Jelly — They even make the maple stuff with touches of fruit notes in it. Jellies and jams are among their specialties as well, and you can’t go wrong with food safety and organics, especially when dealing with jelly. No additives. No preservatives. No added sugar. Just pure goodness.
  • And Wine? — Yep, wine. After all, they do berries. Did you know you could make wine (dessert wine, actually) out of berries? It’s true: these orchards are all about the vineyard as well, and totally takes organic health to a new level. You can try their Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, products from their resources planted on over 6 acres back in 2007.

The Sky’s Truly the Limit With Forbidden Fruit Orchards

If you don’t like fruit much at all, after visiting these orchards, we don’t doubt you will soon enough. Especially organic fruit. When you can get a ton of different products nourished by the goodness that is fruit — organic fruit — you know you have a staple for your grocery trips in California. Check them out right here. You won’t be disappointed.