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Who knew that this ‘meat’ was SO good for you? Ridiculously good, in fact. Fish is good for you in a lot of ways, but we’re willing to bet none of you know just how good, and aside from the fact that there are several reasons why vegetarians make a great case for eating fish (even though it’s technically meat from a “live animal”), this particular reason might take the cake for ending the argument altogether.

A Mediterranean Diet Can Actually Reduce Mortality — That’s Why Fish Is Good mediterranean-1for You

Even more so, the pescetarian benefits with reductions in cancer — and even degenerative brain disease — by almost 10%. All from eating fish as part of your diet. The prospects of a fish diet go even farther when we talk about losing weight and even living longer. Would you like to know?

Fish is good for you in the sense that it’ll protect your heart. Those omega-3’s, man. They’re your secret weapon, plain and simple. Ultimately a fish diet will prevent erectile dysfunction, too. So we’re not just talking about a healthy heart; we’re talking about a happy heart.

To put it in perspective, know this: Americans face the worst of epidemics when it comes to health: OBESITY and TYPE 2 DIABETES. And would you like to know just what is the main cause of those two calamities? An unhealthy diet. The conditions can ultimately lead to all sorts of cancer, too, so this is a serious subject: if you want to avoid the worst of your health problems, it might just be as simple as eating a good ol’ Red Snapper.

The Good News Is Fish Go Quite Well With Organics

Makes for a great meal. And it’s a 1-2 punch unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Explore Golden Gate Organics for even more goodies of information. And don’t forget to catch that trout.