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Hey campers! Overall the boxes looked fantastic this morning. One of the highlights were the Bacon Avocados- these things must’ve weighed over 1/2 lb each, they were huge!

Organic Bacon Avocados & Organic Russet PotatoesChard- Word from the farm is the cows partied a little too much on New Year’s eve and ate all the Chard that we were supposed to get! We did our best and subbed in other veggies for it, but there were a few of you that might’ve received an extra head of lettuce. Hopefully you really like salad! Please remember, if you aren’t happy with the sub, CALL or EMAIL us and we’ll fix you right up with a credit or we’ll put extra produce in your next delivery.

We try our hardest when something doesn’t happen as planned and it usually turns out ok, but for those of you who were looking forward to the Chard, we’re sorry about that! I had planned on making some chard stuffed chicken again this week <sigh> guess I’ll have to wait until next week.

BANANAS- They came in ready to eat, and ready for you to eat now! Very yellow, make sure you don’t let them sit for too long unless you’re planning on making Banana Bread, in which case please leave a slice out for us next week. Maybe a glass of milk too. If only you could email banana bread…

GREEN LEAF LETTUCE- I had to dig out my Thesaurus to find the word to describe the green leaf for this week: WHOA! Let’s just put it this way- if I were walking down the street in a rough part of town, this green leaf will intimidate the daylights out of any of those thug conventional lettuces wandering around. Seriously, some of the greenest and biggest green leaf we’ve had yet. Can’t wait to make a big ol’ sandwhich with it.

Organic Cara Cara Oranges by Golden Gate OrganicsCara Cara- They looked so beautiful and tempting I half considered leaving Golden Gate Organics and running away to find an orange farm somewhere in the valley.

Russet Potatoes- I fed a potato to my pet elephant Charles, and he wasn’t able to finish the whole thing THAT’S HOW BIG THEY ARE. Really great looking new crop, I’m already imagining baking them up and putting some greek yogurt on instead of sour cream, because you know, that’s way healthier (hehe it’s actually surprisingly delicious, try it!)

OMG Organic Carrots
Rainbow Carrots- When our carrots came in
There are so many fruits and vegetables to thank, and if I didn’t mention you here, you are all awesome! Thank you so much, have a fantastic week!┬áthis┬ámorning, I had to ask them, “Why orange you rainbow?” The rainbow carrots had to be switched out for some orange carrots (blame the cows) but we’re not complaining.. they looked pretty darn amazing. We’ll try again for those rainbow carrots next week.