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How happy those animals are directly affects how happy you are! Well, at least your belly. And your health. It’s true: farmer markets pride themselves in organically treating their animals the best possible way — this includes chickens as well as cows. The science is clear: healthier animals results in healthier meats and other products — like milk, eggs, cheese, and yes, beef.

Yes, It’s True: Farmer Markets Even Raise Their Animals to Be EATEN! (SHUDDER)

But here’s the thing — they’re treated humanely while raised on the farm. No hormones. No antibiotics. The cows graze on green grass, eating naturally. Their diets are organic. They’re free roaming, and so are their chickens. In essence…. These animals are beyond happy (and, of course, don’t realize that they’re going to be dinner one day).

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For those who think that organic food has to be non-meat or all vegan, they’re sorely mistaken. Of course, Golden Gate Organics is all about the veggies and fruits, but did you know that you can even get cheese, milk and eggs from us? Only organically. That’s the key.

Why Does Traditional Farming Not Implement What Farmer Markets Do?

The answer’s pretty obvious when you think about it — convenience, supply, large quantities. The fact is the industry requires heavy loads of products, and in order for traditional farming establishments to provide just that, they have to resort to all those means of production — cages, lots, antibiotics to build up the value of their meats.

More means better. And farmer markets are the other way around: less is best.

This Is Why Golden Gate Organics Supports Farmer Markets Above All Else

SIGN UP FOR DELIVERY RIGHT NOW, and you’ll see that ‘less is best’ in a big way. Technically, it’s not ‘less’, though. You get more. More quality. So just in case you’re not vegan, there’s still something for you at GGO. And know those animals had the opportunity to live like kings on the range!