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We’re going to regret this, honestly. But we owe it to our potential customers wanting their organic groceries like champs. It’s a fact that the organic food industry is growing substantially to the point that we’re talking about a $40,000,000,000 organic food market. More and more people are simply buying organic food. The question remains, and some might not even consider it anymore, because it’s easy to look at a label and say, “Oh, YES, this is organic, because it says so on the box” at your local grocery store chain:organic food market-1

Are Your Organic Groceries Truly Organic?

Sadly…. The short answer to that question is NO. Most likely, a lot of the brands you find at your grocery store chain are not. Scary thought, yes, and just another reason to sign up for convenient delivery with Golden Gate Organics, 100% certified, local, and guaranteed (without putting any “stamp” on a box). The proof is in our process….

Enough about us, though.

We know what you’re thinking. It’s a ‘conspiracy theory’. The backlash of a burgeoning market seeing huge returns opts for a lot of questions asked and some turning heads going “IS THIS FOR REAL?”, especially from the traditional markets trying to still make a buck and fight for a piece of that organic/non-organic/non-GMO pie, just to try and stay relevant. Who knew the agricultural/food industry was so cutthroat?

There is proof that when you buy that gallon of “organic” milk, and you look at the label, you’re looking at a “lie.” Potentially. And here’s just a few reasons why the proverbial organic food market rug has been pulled out from under us:

4 Reasons Why We Might Need to Question Our Organic Groceries

Be prepared. The news here might be a little shocking, especially since you might be shopping at any of these well-known stores or buy any of these well-known “organic food” brands. The good news is you have a way out of this: right here at GGO. Until then, though, read on, faithful reader:

No panicking, though. Yes, it seems like we’re shooting ourselves in the foot over an organic food market getting more and more popular. The demand gets so high that brands scramble to find a way, an easy ‘fix’, into satisfying the market. The quality gets lost, though, as you can see.

The Solution, However, Is Simple, in Improving the So-Called Organic Food Market by Employing Another Burgeoning Trend in Groceries:

organic food market-2We hate to toot our own horn, but it’s pretty self-explanatory — organic food delivery. Which we do. Since we’re cutting out the middle man, the retail politics and whatnot, and keeping it all local, family-oriented, and truly 100% certified to the teeth, there’s no way around it.

We can’t even be scrutinized. We’re ironclad. The only thing is we currently deliver within specific area codes in the Bay area of California. So if you want our produce, you may just have to move to those particular areas in CA! It’s nice over here. We’d love to promote and advertise for real estate, but that’s just not our thing.

That’s Very Much the Current Challenge of an Organic Food Market Struggling to Avoid All the Hypocrisy:

To stay truly organic, we have to stay truly local. We have to maintain local regulations. And it’s all connected. Each region, each city, each state, must have its own local source. We have to get this done together.

This shouldn’t be like an arms race, or a competitive trend for chains so possessed with profits and a wave of demand that’s so commercial all over the country. This is about just supplying our great country with wholesome organic food everyone can have. Organic food delivery is one of the best ways to do it, at least currently. Maybe one day the entire food market system can find a way to be the same.

Well…. Sadly…. We guess everyone has to just opt for simple grocery delivery from GOLDEN GATE ORGANICS, right? We know. Such a hassle!