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Another week is in the books as we get ready to start a new one. Today we had requests via Facebook for Watermelons and Grapes, and we’re excited to have them on our menu this week! They are available for purchase and on a few of the menus this week. Thanks to Christina C. and Marina R. B. for their suggestions!

I also found a nice recipe for Rainbow Swiss Charge (Pic below) from the Facebook group “Mom! What’s for dinner?” we have a few friends who are members of that group and more often than not they have some fantastic recipes and story’s.

Swiss Chard Burek

Because of the great Chard recipe I asked Wayne about getting some and he said that it is available from Cal-O farm in Bakersfield. Check them out on our farm page! They are at the bottom of the page. The Watermelon and Cauliflower this week is from Cal-O farms too. You can find the Swiss Chard recipe on our recipe page.

Also among the items on the menu this week are Radishes, Romaine lettuce, Beets, Corn,Honeydew Melon’s, and my favorite; Heirloom tomatoes!!! Get your kitchens ready this week! If you are curious about what comes in our other size boxes then be curious no more. There is a link for that too!


As I was writing this week’s email I received an email from my friend Kasper at the East Bay Express. This week is their “Best of the East Bay” issue. Which is their biggest issue of the year. We had arranged with Kasper to have an ad in this issue. We gave him some pictures and some facts about what we do and they created an ad from scratch. It is funny and awesome! Check it out in this weeks issue and let us know what you think on our Facebook page. At the same time we also had an article posted by Luke Tsai on the EBX website. I’m not sure if it will be in the Best Of The East Bay issue though. Check it out here: “Organic Produce from the Farm to Your Doorstep, by Way of Alameda” Like it and Retweet it for us, Pretty Please! 😉

This is Wayne and my’s reaction to seeing the article on their website.

After I searched the East Bay Express website for ‘Golden Gate Organics’ I came across their ‘Categories We Didn’t Think Of: Goods and Services’ which is from their Best Of The East Bay feature. I found out that our longtime customer, Florence W., who is actually our VERY FIRST CUSTOMER, wrote us in for Best CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture) for her patronage and loyalty to GGO Wayne and I decided that her box this week will be on us. It is the least we could do for one of our most devoted friends! Thank You Florence! 🙂

That is all for this week. I hope you all enjoy this week’s box.

I want to thank all of you for supporting Wayne and I here at Golden Gate Organics. Together we are making a choice to eat healthy and make a difference.