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There’s been a lot of talk in the industry about some of the latest trends out there — namely genetically-grown meat, or “cultured meat.” Nothing against that at all, because there’s a lot of value to that agricultural technology, not to mention that hydroponics also presents similar benefits. The main value is obvious: we’re not using the actual land as much! Which is fine: to each their own. However, when it comes to the environment, however which way we present organic food that is sustainable here in the Bay Area of California, one thing’s for certain — supporting those organic farmer markets out there contributes to the environment, and here’s why:

When Buying From a Farmer’s Market, Logistics Plays a Big Role in the Environment

Think about distribution for a bit here. Just how much travel does produce have to make just to make it to the farmer’s market? Not much. This minimizes the impact on the environment in a lot of ways —

  • Less Use of Fossil Fuelsenvironment-1
  • Less Pollution
  • Minimal Trash for Extra Packaging
  • Less By-Product Development

On paper, it looks minimal at best, but in practice — this is huge. Conventional agriculture in the Bay Area typically results in some of those toxins producing pollution in water, land and air. Something the Earth doesn’t want. Because those farmers markets transport their produce in baskets, you’ll notice that in general there’s no packaging involved — less trash, less of a problem.

Of course, keep in mind that the major distribution industry of groceries and agriculture relies on some major trucking facilities and a lot of transport. Stores need their product. People deliver it. A lot of fossil fuel ends up in the atmosphere. It’s just the way it works. Want to know just how many miles the average truck travels to get food onto your plate? A hefty 1.5K miles on average. That’s just for you.

Multiply that figure with any number of people at any given time in any grocery store, and the number may make you faint.

Our Earth Deserves Better Than That

This is why it’s so important to support those family farmer markets out there. The impact on the environment is minimal even though without a doubt we’re working the land. We get it. The more we work the land, the more the environment is ‘affected’, but more often than not, it’s ‘affected’ positively.

This is why Golden Gate Organics does have specific routing for you and your deliveries. We don’t just care about you and your organic produce. We care about the Earth delivering that produce to you as well. SIGN UP TODAY AND GET STARTED WITH YOUR OWN DELIVERIES!