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Well, we made it through the holidays. The New Year is here and with it another year of possibilities. It seems that for the last few years there has been a resounding unhappiness with the results of the recent years gone by. “Hopefully 20XX will be better than last year!”, I see on the majority of Facebook posts. This year was a decent one for myself. It wasn’t anything to great and it wasn’t anything too bad either. All in all it was a fine year and I am happier now then when it started.

I get asked every year by one person or another, “Do you have any resolutions for this year?”. No, not really. I usually get a critical eye when I say that. My reasoning being that I try to not let things get bad enough to need a resolution to fix. However, this year I am resolving to eat less meat. Something that I am continuing from the latter half of last year. I have been doing a pretty good job so far too. There have been a few opportunities while out eating that I have chosen to go with the no-meat main course. Of course, it doesn’t help that my parent sent me a gloriously bountiful cooler full of steaks, franks, and assorted other gourmet-goodies from Omaha Steaks. An annual gift I receive yearly for the holidays. Oh well, waste not, want not. The steak I had the other night was delicious. I actually can’t remember the last time I had steak. I think it may have been around May of last year. I’m not sure. It doesn’t really matter anyway.

So eating less meat. That is a start. If you haven’t already, please go watch Food Inc. I saw it on Netflix and it has been out for a while. It is an eye opening documentary that tells the story of the behind the scenes going-ons of the corporate food supply business. It is at times disgusting and cringe inducing and at other times enlightening. I highly recommend you watch it if for no other reason than to expand your mind and take look from a point of view that many do not even knows exist.

Good luck with your resolutions and Happy New Year!