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Typically when you think of a HERO sandwich, organic’s the last thing you think of. You definitely don’t think of veggies (unless they’re toppings. Somehow, though, this little dive called Dig Inn (get it?), a NYC restaurant chain, takes all sorts of meats and makes them as organic as possible, which we truly appreciate. Here’s one example:

Meet the “Natural Hero” Sandwich, Courtesy of Dig InnDig Inn Restaurant

Their mantra in this chain is local sourcing of ingredients. The hallmark of truly organic and even vegan sentimentality in cuisine. We honestly don’t have anything against beef, especially when it’s managed in the best possible, most organic way.

Their “Natural Hero” couldn’t be anymore natural, made from in-house spicy beef and chicken meatballs with grass-fed cheddar. Better cheddar than regular cheddar when you source your ingredients from organic farms designed to allow chickens free roam and cows real grass. That’s healthy.

Maybe you want more of the greens? Fair enough. Dig Inn even has what they call the Cluk’N’Kale, a dish made of free-roam, naturally-raised roasted teriyaki chicken with organic sweet potatoes, kale, and an apple salad with ginger dressing. Is it me, or does the writing of these dishes taste just as good as when you put the stuff in your mouth? And it always seems to be, the healthier the dishes are. After all, when did you ever get the feel-goods from reading “quarter-pound of beef with mayo, mustard, ketchup and bacon”? Never.

Make No Mistake: Dig Inn Lives Up to Its Name

You get to dig in with these goods, for sure. Just make sure you’re in the Big Apple if you’re interested, because at this moment, Dig Inn is an NYC affair, and who knows: they might just branch out one day to the rest of the states in the nation, heralding the turn of the organic fast-food era.