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What’s this world coming to? The age of the Internet, or as many tech enthusiasts call, the Internet of Things. Not only can your phone be hooked up to cyberspace, but your microwave can, your TV can, your doorknob can, even you freakin’ pen can! Why not organic food? Sound too far-fetched. Be prepared to be wowed, because it turns out that soon you just might be a connected shopper someday soon.

We’re Not Joking. The Stats Are In, and the Convenient Connected Shopper Network May Be a Huge Force in the Organic Food Market


Here’s the thing — and we can attest to it, because we’re Golden Gate Organics (generally customers buy our stuff online) — organicconnected shopper-1 food purchases directly from the web in 2014 actually doubled — to 14%. That means in 2013, food purchases online only sat at a paltry 7%. Nothing to sniff at in a negative way, as at least some people are purchasing organics! But we repeat: that metric doubled in a year.

Let’s drive the point home a little more. A little study done in 2015 actually found that 51% of consumers use their phones to shop for merchandise. Why not groceries? This explains why many startups and tech companies out there are tapping into the untouched market of groceries given it happens to be the largest category out there. We’re seeing features right now, actually.

Of Course, Why Should We Care About the Connected Shopper Trend Anyway??

The tested method of getting into your car, going to the store, getting the cart, and shopping for your food still sweeps the nation. So why bother investigating any industry trends like this? There are plenty of reasons —

  • Price Comparisons Are Easier
  • Better Information and Access
  • Product Review Introductions
  • More Regulations
  • Direct Customer Service Help

Think about it. When in a store, you don’t get those options as easy. When all it takes is a simple swipe of your smartphone, the information you need, plus the purchase, and the delivery not only saves you the time, but earns you better products and choices in the long run.

More than worth it!

We Guess We Should Be Open With Welcome Arms to the Advent of the Internet

Well, we are. Other establishments should as well! The future of grocery shopping — nay, organic grocery shopping! — is looking pretty bright for organic food.