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Raise your hand if you have issues sometimes with the wobbly shopping cart and cluttered aisles of simpletons wanting to get the good deals on canned tomatoes. Wow, lots of hands…. The thing is often times grocery shopping is, well, a chore. It takes a lot of time. There’s a lot of waiting in line. And it’s become so commercialized that you could be in front or behind of another stranger you obviously don’t know.

Seems a Bit Impersonal, If You Ask Me — And Not Something That Would Makecommunity farmer markets-1 Me Think of Community

Buying your groceries should be about community. And community’s all about togetherness and maybe even a little bit of fun! That’s why we can safely say that if you had to choose between a day out in the sun with family and farmers at the local Bay Area market, versus your average run-through at the grocery store aisles, fluorescent lights and boring elevator music, we’re willing to bet you’ll choose the former, and not the latter.

Shopping at the farmer markets is just plain fun. Not stressful. Or even difficult. The reason why regular grocery stores have lost that value is due to the “superstore” mentality. Bigger’s better. More of a hub, means more customers. Additional revenue. More profit.

We’re willing to bet you’ll find more farmer markets in the Bay Area than actual grocery stores, and there’s a reason for that: farmer markets are more local, hence you’ll know more of the people shopping there (and working there) than at a grocery store. That means more community. Which, yes, means more fun!

Shopping for Food Should Be Fun

It should be natural. Easy. And less about coupons and time and more about getting to chat with your friends you caught up at the farmers market for the latest batch of apples.

You’ll find that Golden Gate Organics is all about community, too. We support farmer markets wholeheartedly, so if you want that inside delivery convenience with a great dash of community love, definitely SIGN UP FOR SERVICE RIGHT NOW.

And let’s take the stress out of your shopping day.