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Ooops…. You just got yourself a produce bag of persimmons when you meant to get some good tomatoes for your tacos. What. Do. You. Do? ….Thankfully, you honestly should keep those persimmons for what it’s worth, because lo and behold, you have quite the versatile fruit on your hands!

The Persimmon Is a True Delicacy

This list of guidelines for what you need to do with your persimmons is the proof. You see, this isn’t your everyday fruit. In fact, you persimmon-1can liken it to a pomegranate or an Ugli fruit, but the main noticeable characteristic of the persimmon is the fact that it looks virtually identical to a tomato.

Explains a lot of the confusion! Rest assured, you can benefit well from the mistake at the organic grocery store if you follow these guidelines about what to do with your persimmon batch:

Who knows — after going through this, you just might have your new obsession with organic fruit.

Why? Because the Persimmon Can Be Used in a Multitude of Ways

But know this: specifically, you’ll want to learn this guideline, because if bitten into when not fully ripe, you’ll want to spit it out! The unripe persimmon may have an astringent taste to it, and that’s largely why it’s so rare. You don’t exactly make a pie with it (although you could, if you know what you’re looking for). Still, Golden Gate approves. And if you time it just right, you might have quite the sweet foray of persimmons to work with. Just remember these prized secrets…. And don’t tell anyone!