Corey is a little bit loco!

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It’s a good day when you can have your zucchini and eat your zucchini bread too!

We’re excited to announce Cherryvale Farms baking mixes are now available in your weekly box.

Corey is a little bit loco!

Taste the zucchini flavor! Ponder over my art!

If you ever have a craving for fresh baked breads or muffins with all natural organic ingredients then this is your chance to satisfy it! Now you have a convenient option of pairing our weekly selection of fresh organic fruits and veggies with your choice of bread and muffin mixes to make delicious home-baked treats without all the fuss and mess!

There is no freeze-dried or powdered fruits or veggies in these mixes. They know and we know what a good organic vegetable and fruit taste like and know that you do too! They encourage the use of only the freshest, best quality fruits and vegetables you can find and that is why Wayne and I think that this is a perfect fit for our customers!

My friend Lindsey Rosenberg and her family spent years perfecting these recipes and the results are spectacular! Their mixes help tie-in the fresh organic produce perfectly and are a wonder to be eaten.

Curious? Read all about them on their website or read about it on the Everything but the… Blog. HERE!

Thanks Lindsey!