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It’s green, usually. It looks like a little tree. Normally I would only eat the top part of it, or the head, but the base is edible too. The word broccoli comes from the Italian word broccolo and originated in Italy over 2000 years ago. That is bueno. Currently, the United States produces over 1 million tons of broccolo a year with California as the primary state of production. Yay for living close to broccoli! Living closer means a lower carbon footprint.

Ever notice that broccoli looks like cauliflower? Of course you have. Most likely when you were in elementary school and you hated vegetables. Except for Carrots and Corn. Those were good, especially with butter! I suppose you could’ve been one of those weird kids that actually liked broccoli but that’s ok. You were weird. Some kids ate glue too but let us leave that in the past. Back then I would eat broccoli if you put enough cheese on it, and told me it was glue!

Nowadays things are different. I actually love broccoli. I eat it raw, cooked, steamed, baked. I put it in salads, soups, or just as a side dish. Sometimes I still put cheese on it. Yum! Those little green trees are very high in vitamin C, K, A and fiber. Did you know that broccoli is a cool-weather plant? It grows best in a climate with average temps from 64-73 °F. Maybe that’s why it does so good here in California?

Remember: Broccoli yellow is bad. Green and even Purple are good.

Happy Broccoli Friday!