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We’re serious: talk to your kids about this one. They may not listen at first, but over time as they get older, they’re going to realize that the voice in their heads happens to be yours talking about how health will dramatically improve the more you eat these beets. It’s pretty clear: the benefits of beets beat out just about anything else….

And Here’s Why the Benefits of Beets Are the Best

Prompt your kids first on this important fact first: it just so happens that beets have the highest sugar content of all the veggies out there. That should soften them up a bit. However, beets are supremely high in carbs, which is why you often need to eat these bad boys sparingly. Still, a few times a week as well as the greens associated with them should be very sufficient when it comes to the benefits of beets. Yes, they’re earthy. Yes, they’ve got that soft rubbery consistency. But when you boil down this science for them, they’ll see the light (hopefully you can do the same drill for brussel sprouts):benefits-of-beets-1

The Goal Is Getting Those Little Ones to at Least Try Beets, Right?

Or better yet, maybe you’re having some trouble trying them as well! Just suck it up…. Your body means everything to you, as well as your well-being. And Golden Gate Organics, you know, loves your well-being. So take these benefits of beets to heart. As a little side with dinner, they’re perfect. Always get them organic. And above all else, do try them with brussel sprouts, too. We insist.