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Did you know you can even drink beet juice? It sounds a bit blaaaah, but try to sweeten it up some, and it could be bearable. Why? You won’t believe what beets can actually do for you when it comes to your blood pressure and stamina. And that’s not even from drinking beet juice. Just eat ’em! The benefits of beets are aplenty, and here’s why:

So What About Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure for us is like the barometer for weather. We always have to keep an eye on it just in case that hurricane hits. So needless to say, blood pressure balance is crucial. Guess what: beet juice just happens to lower your blood pressure literally inbeets working out just a few hours! And people want to mess with medications…. They’re missing the easiest solution on the planet.

A study proves that one glass of beet juice can actually reduce that blood pressure by 4 to 5 points tops. Staggering. And it’s all thanks to the nitrates in beets converted into nitric oxide. What does nitric oxide do? In essence, the chemical will actually dilate your blood vessels, making your blood thin enough to lower the pressure and make life a little easier for you. Talk about natural…. Again, forget medications!

Still, There’s NO WAY Beets Can Boost Stamina Better Than a 5-Hour Energy Drink

Oh, but it can. Organically. And with sustainability in mind. The benefits of beets are such that you don’t even need processed chemicals designed to “pep” you up. You just need the natural substances, consistently, over time, and you’ll be an engine of beefed-up beet-eating fat burners, and here’s why: a study was actually conducted regarding beet juice, proving that those who had drank a good glass of that stuff ended up having the energy to work out as close as 15% longer than usual.

Why is that? Well, think about it: sure, it decreases your blood pressure, but what that means is beets will also reduce your oxygen cost for low-intensity exercise. This also in turn increases your tolerance for weight-lifting and some of the more intense workouts you might be accustomed to.

In essence, you’ll spend less oxygen to do what you need to do, hence you’ll be able to do it longer — ergo, you’ll develop your muscles even more.

How’s THAT for a Major Benefit of Beets?

You can imagine a lot of kids getting blown out of the water over beets just from that. We suggest, though, that you have the most ripped monster of a man advertise the benefits of beets to kids while flexing the biceps. We’re pretty sure kids might want to try out some beet juice and start pumping the iron. You know those kids are going to want to get the guns locked and loaded before they hit the teen years.