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It’s no secret that we love our farmers markets out there. Heck, we at Golden Gate Organics partner with them. But what makes the farmers market that much better than, say, a grocery store chain? Is it the down-to-earth feel, the European ambiance of a basket of fresh goodies? Or is it something more….

The Truth Is the Bay Area Farmers Markets Out There Have the Best Flavor, for Obvious ReasonsBay Area farmers market-1

This isn’t a biased look at why organics or whole foods are better than the processed stuff you see in the whitewashed aisles. Rather, there’s real science built in to this, and you can’t replicate it. You can experiment for yourself as well and realize that somehow, some way, farmers market quality seems to outdo grocery store quality by miles and miles. There’s a reason for it:

Fruits veggies you find in a farmer’s market are immediately ripe. That’s because those fruits and veggies take their time out in the field to ripen like they should. When it comes to a grocery store chain, you’ve got to worry about long-distance shipping, storage time, and even gassing to simulate the ripening process. The logistics of the produce industry is such that nature can’t take its course and imbue itself with the organic flavors you’d love out of a strawberry or banana.

At a farmer’s market, those fruits and veggies earned their time to be sold and eaten — right there in the field. There’s no distribution, packaging, or boxing them up, waiting for days for the truck to arrive, preservatives, and other factors that could otherwise taint the flavor of something meant to be enjoyed right from the ground.

It’s Not Easy, of Course — We Get It

But with Golden Gate Organics, we make it pretty easy for you. We’re your channel into the Bay Area farmers markets out there, making it that much more convenient for you to get the access you want right at your door. With those farmers markets, it’s a guessing game, or a dartboard, and you’re blindfolded. You never know what you’re going to get when you show up, and you always want the best of the best, because the best of the best are at those farmers markets with the great taste.

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