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Yes, we’re biased. Chances are pretty good you won’t find us in a grocery store chain. But here’s the thing — those Bay Area family farmers have a challenge on their hands! — the fact is large agribusiness dominates food production in the U.S. by a substantial margin, for good reason. Distribution, availability, lower prices, options, longevity. The list goes on and on. It’s just plain easier for families to shop at the big megastores with the aisles and the multiple payment options versus finding that hole in the wall or corner farmer’s market, right?

Food Service Establishments Currently Sit at Almost a $1 Trillion Industry

Stores out there aren’t too far off either, bringing in a healthy $600 billion+.

Now wouldn’t you like to know just where traditional agricultural farming sits at? Just under $200 billion.

We know, we know…. That’s still a massive amount of money. But when we’re talking about the local farmer in a market already inundated with other farmers, stores and services in an industry well over $1 trillion worth in the GDP, there’s quite a bit of competition there. Not to mention we’re localizing only a small portion of the United States in the Bay Area, a region relatively healthy with family farmers. So it’s pretty clear:

Supporting Those Bay Area Family Farmers Is a MUST

The obvious reasons being all the cuts and percentages. When you buy directly from a farm, all profit goes to those hardworking harvesters. Buy from a store, and a lot of markups account for the cost of distribution, packaging, storing, merchandising and selling of the product, leaving not much room for the farmer’s ROI. Sure, the deals are secure and an easy fit for a lot of farmers, but with little profit going to the work they do to bring the wholesome foods to society like they’ve done for generations.

Which is why when you SIGN UP FOR GOLDEN GATE ORGANICS DELIVERY, we only work with Bay Area family farmers and other organic establishments! Keeping it in the family, man….