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Bay Area Corporate Farmers Market

Corporate Farmers Market

Everyone loves going to the farmers market. So why not host your own Corporate Farmers Market? Afterall, it is an innovative corporate wellness idea for Silicon Valley. The friendly faces, beautiful, seasonal farm fresh produce, and meeting the proud welcoming people that grew the food you will soon be eating. There is a connection- and intimacy to our food, to the earth, that can only be had at your local organic farmers market. Has your business considered hosting its own organic farmers market? If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area please contact us for more information. Or call us at 510-698-9446. Here are a few reasons why your business should host a local organic farmers market for your employees:


It Shows Your Employees That You Value Health, Sustainability, and Community

When you arrange an organic corporate farmers market visit for your wellness fair it demonstrates to your staff that you value health, sustainability, and community. Most people already know that organically grown local food doesn’t contain synthetic pesticides or herbicides. And since those chemicals are not in your food they don’t get into your employee’s bodies which will make them much healthier!

Additionally, certified organic farms grow sustainably by not using synthetic fertilizers. Instead, organic farms rotate crops and use natural fertilizers such as compost. Organic farmers markets are also non-GMO. For more info on the difference between organic and non-gmo read this. Finally, farmers markets are all about community and will encourage your employees to share food stories, recipes, and relax in a friendly, fun, and healthy environment.

It’s Fun and Educational to Learn About Your Food

Whether it is learning about the health benefits of beets and the most fun ways to prepare them in your kitchen or finding out the secrets to choosing the right persimmon, your diverse staff is guaranteed to learn something new about their local organic fruits and veggies Golden Gate Organics will provide for your own personal corporate farmers market.

But it’s not all about the fruits and veggies. All of the fresh and local farm items we bring to your farmer’s market have a story to be told too. Our caring and professional on-site staff are exceptionally knowledgeable about not only the food we bring but also the local organic farms where it is grown. We will answer questions about the farms your food comes from, the seasonality of the different items, and share the stories of the farmers that grow your produce. It is a fun and welcoming experience for everyone.

A Corporate Farmers Market Is Way More Than a Farmer’s Market

While we may not be as big as the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in SF we personalize each of our corporate farmer’s markets specifically to the needs and goals of our clients. What makes our corporate farmers market a success for you is that we customize every experience to suit the needs of your business and employees. We bridge the gap between traditional farmers’ markets and people’s kitchens by educating your employees not only on the seasonality and origins of their food but also training them on how to prepare foods they might otherwise find intimidating. From massaging kale to shocking lettuce we have the easiest tips and recipes for choosing, storing, and cooking all the delicious and organic produce from your market.

It Demonstrates To Your Employees That You Care About Their Health

By providing a healthy and educational atmosphere at your next wellness fair, your employees will know that you care about their health and wellbeing. With time away from their desks employees can bond over a local organic apple. Perhaps even share childhood memories of traveling to a farm and what their favorite fruits and veggies are back home. 

Providing healthy organic produce at your corporate farmers market nourishes the minds and bodies of your employees making them healthier, more alert, and more productive.

Areas We Provide Corporate Farmers Markets

San Francisco Bay Area

Golden Gate Organics provides corporate farmers markets in the San Francisco Bay area including San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Santa Clara, and everywhere in between. For more information call: 510-698-9446

Curious About Hosting Your Own Corporate Farmers Market?

Interested? Take a moment to send us a message through our contact form and one of our caring staff will be happy to answer any questions you have. Our corporate customers love our corporate farmer’s markets and ask us to come back year after year. Add some local flavor and fun to your next event with your very own farmers market. No matter the season our local farm partners have just the right fruits and vegetables to make your employees happy and healthy. For more information on our corporate wellness services please visit our For Business webpage.