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Yes, soup doesn’t have to be made with a broth. Or any type of meat. It can be as simple as this arugula soup made with parmesan cream for that extra body and a bit of cheesy yumminess to go with it. This bit of thought comes from that legendary cookbook author Patricia Wells, a major player with arugula. The idea of soup — and it’s lovely, really, a hearty herbal green soup from one Alain Passard, featured by her. But can this really be that good?

Here’s a Word of Advice: Soup Doesn’t Have to Be ‘Hearty’arugula soup

Bear with me for a moment. Veggies, meat, some of those hearty potatoes soaked in that broth. Sounds good, right? Soup does not have to be like that, though! It can be creamy. It can warm you up inside. You don’t have to chew. All you have to do is sip to your heart’s content and let it all fill you up with that warmth doing a cold winter’s day.

And arugula soup with Parmesan cream? That’s the ticket. You can do that type of creamy soup with just about any other kind of pureed delicacy, but with arugula? The greats about arugula, it proves that even soup can do well with the leafy green if done right.

What people tend to like about the Arugula ‘Veloute’ with Parmesan cream is its slightly grainy texture and that sense of fresh herbs in your mouth. It reminds you of the garden. Nature. Beauty. And you’re drinking it all in. When you know you’re pouring down total organic health, you know you’re in good hands.

Arugula Soup, and Parmesan Cream: a Real Winner

Give it a shot. What do you have to lose? Golden Gate will try if you do. Get some arugula, start working it, get that cream, cook it (or you can even drink it cold during the summer). A ready-made dinner. You can’t go wrong with that.