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Full disclaimer here about pizza — it’s the ultimate palate and canvas for you to experiment with anything you could ever possibly want. Just ask those ninja turtles. Just about anything can go well with a pizza pie, but take caution. Some things don’t. You already see the headline here saying something about “arugula pizza,” and it goes way over your head. A leafy green other than spinach? Come on!

If Done Right, Arugula Pizza Will Knock Your Socks Offarugula pizza

Just remember that arugula’s quite peppery — savory, even. When baked, you’ll need something complementing that taste, and gorgonzola hits the mark quite well. Add some toasted walnuts, and you’ve got a classic combo on a pizza that’ll throw you for a loop.

Why gorgonzola? The creaminess, and the more subdued cheesy flavor is just what that arugula needs. If you used regular mozzarella, the pizza would be a bit too strong for its own good. Walnuts sort of replace that same bite you get when you chomp on a pepperoni without the meatiness, which defeats the purpose of the whole combo right away. So you see the connection — gorgonzola, ARUGULA, and walnuts! An excellent pizza to try out.

That Brings Us to the Big Point We All Want to Make:

Be creative! Even with pizza. The truth is just about any well-known dish can be reinvented with organic food, and this is just one example. Sure, pizza can be a bit of a massive undertaking, but you can even kick it with some great organic products — like arugula — to make one awesome arugula pizza, with a thin crust and a salad — perhaps with arugula in it! — to complement. Eating well can also mean eating right! So check this out as well as other ideas for arugula, and you’ll realize —

Organic’s great!