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Here we have another reason why whole organic and sustainable foods, the industry as a whole, is a big money maker. People want to get healthier, so investors and brands are gearing up for the competitive retail arm wrestling contest of the decade. And despite the fact that cyberspace’s biggest retailer ever, Amazon, might have a stronghold on the biggest brick-and-mortar organic groceries brand, Whole Foods Market, it just so happens that Amazon might not fully have it down quite yet.

There Are Other Competitors Out There Amazon Should Worry About….

The thing about retail is that a lot of the big companies out there still have a stronghold on it. The retail space is still the central hub, which customers operate in. To try and get customers out of that space makes for a massive and dramatic shift. It’s basically like taking gasoline out of automobiles and saying they can now self-drive. The transition is considerably abrupt and would take a time for the economy to adjust.

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These big companies therefore — while still operating within a brick-and-mortar — have the ability to focus on the new technology and methodology of selling online. Wal-Mart happens to be one of those big stores!

You heard correctly: you can actually shop at Wal-Mart without even setting foot into one of their buildings. Well, you sort of have to stop by at the store — but just to collect the merchandise you’ve already purchased.

There’s a very real possibility Amazon has a competitor on their hands in Wal-Mart given their success with the apparent “click-and-collect” model they’ve got going. But Wal-Mart isn’t the only one….

There’s even JAB Holdings, a private equity firm shifting its core business dealing toward restaurants, food and beverage businesses. You better believe they’re keeping a close eye on Whole Foods Market as the brand is intending to sell and reap a ton of benefit.

The Question Is This: What Does Whole Foods Want to Do? Get Acquired By Amazon?

Who knows. It’s now a question of money. Revenue. But more importantly, this is the benefit for consumers. You get your whole foods a lot more conveniently, and those whole foods stay pretty fresh, farm-to-table, local, reliable, and on a small scale for personalization!

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