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If anyone ever had doubts about the state of the organic food trend, all you need to do is read this article right here. THIS is the reason why Golden Gate Organics has been around for awhile — because organic produce, the organic food community, has grown in such a way to expand into the mainstream more than it ever has in the past.

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Now that we got that out of the way, of course, we’re willing to bet you’re wondering just how organic food is trending. We say it;organic food trends-1 why should you believe it?

It Just so Happens We Have the Organic Food Trends Right Here

And they’ll shock you, honestly. You wouldn’t have expected it, although you possibly would notice if you just walk into a grocery store and look at all the items. You might notice something only slightly different about the selection. Moreover, there’s a couple other trends going on out there that prove we’re in a new age of technology, birthing an on-demand society. What do we mean? Check out these links for yourself:

  • Grocery Store Chains— Your staples. The big names…no longer do you have to go to that specialty store for organic food. You know what we’re talking about — the little-known store off the beaten path with higher prices but better quality and selection. We’ve hit a breaking point: organic food, we think, is now making the mainstream, and here’s why:  What major grocery stores have to do with organic food trends.
  • McDonald’s— Yes, you heard correctly, the burger giant of the American Way, except it’s not what you think. It does turn out that organic food growth in the market is hitting the food service industry so hard that not only are new chains starting up with the primary focus being organic food, but even a Mickey D’s direct competitor will be leading the charge as well. Ever heard of Wendy’s? How about Honest Tea?
  • Your Smartphone— How could your phone have anything to do with organic food, or groceries for that matter?A little study done in 2015 actually found that 51% of consumers use their phones to shop for merchandise. Why not groceries? This explains why many startups and tech companies out there are tapping into the untouched market of groceries given it happens to be the largest category out there. We’re seeing features right now, actually. Here’s how.
  • Conscious consumerism–tons of food is wasted every day and landfills with food emit more methane into the atmosphere than cows. How do we reduce this impact on our environment? By giving the option to consumers to receive food that doesn’t look “perfect” but is perfectly edible. This imperfect produce cuts down on food waste and saves you money too! Learn more about why conscious consumerism is the way you can vote with your dollar
  • Speaking of waste, how about plastic?–Organic farms are working to reduce the amount of plastic being used in food storage and transportation, by finding recyclable ways to package their food, or by using no packing at all. It’s not surprising that the same people who are trying to improve our health and the planet’s health by using sustainable, non-toxic agricultural methods are also the forerunners of getting rid of single-use plastic. Here are 3 ways modern farmers are reducing plastic consumption.

These organic food trends alone are enough for you to really see the writing on the wall. People want to get healthy, or stay healthy. For the longest time, we’ve shoved crap into our mouths, and now we’re paying for it.

It’s Time for Us to Give Our Children a Better World

Nothing’s better than organic. Plain and simple. You, again, have the opportunity to get premium service through GGO right here. Sign up! It’s FREE!